Privacy Policy

We honour and respect the privacy of our valued members and customers. Our policy on privacy (“Privacy Policy”) specifies what information is collected on the website of NanoBlock and how the information is used.

It is of utmost importance to us that we maintain your privacy by keeping your information secure. Our goal is to foster goodwill, confidence and a stronger relationship with you. If you are concerned or have questions regarding our Privacy Policy and/or practices, please contact us.

How Information is Collected and Used

NanoBlock specifically asks when we require information that identifies you personally (“Personal Information”). This Personal Information is needed so we can grant you access personally to our investment product, as well as to contact you throughout your use of this product. Any financial information we collect is used for verification and identification purposes and to invoice you or your business, as applicable for products and Services.

Any profile or demographic data gathered by NanoBlock on you may be used for purposes of customising our website or requested email communications, and to display the type of information that may be more interesting to you. The company also compiles product use and demographic information, but only in the aggregate, and NanoBlock may make the aggregate information we collect publicly available. There are no circumstances in which NanoBlock would ever make Personal Information relating to an individual user public or available to anyone.

The company will use your email address to send you only the information you’ve requested from us. As an aspect of you using our investing platform, the company allows you to opt-in to receive, or opt-out and not receive certain types of information. In fact, NanoBlock strictly adheres to a permission-based email policy. Aside from what has been stated above, NanoBlock will never send you any unsolicited email information, advertisements or commercial offers. NanoBlock will never rent, sell, or loan our own contact lists or that of our customers (including data on our customers) to any third party firms nor will the company ever use any customer contact lists for marketing or any other purposes. All requested emails you receive will come with the option to unsubscribe. The company fulfills unsubscribe requests within minutes, sending no further communications to users who have let us know they do not want to receive the information specified.

NanoBlock makes sure that all email content, subscriber lists, and reports remain confidential and private. The company may on occasion scan your campaigns’ content to make sure it complies with the Terms of Use – ensuring protection against inaccurate, defamatory, abusive, profane, threatening, or obscene material that is ethnically or racially offensive. The company will never loan, rent, sell, or invite any external access to customers’ email lists.

On very rare occasions it may be necessary to email an announcement about a Service related issue. For example, if we have had to temporarily suspend our Service for maintenance purposes, we might send our users an email. For the most part, users are not allowed to opt-out of these types of communications, although they are allowed to deactivate their account with us. These types of communications are never promotional.

To Contact NanoBlock Regarding Privacy

If you have questions or concerns regarding our Privacy Policy, any information we may have gathered online from you, the practices of our website, or any dealings you have with our website, please contact us.