Registration & Account

How to register a new account?

You can click our Register link or any button that shows register a new account. You will be required to have a valid e-mail for registration.

How NanoBlock get profits?

NanoBlock Ltd. is taking their profits from methods of instant exchange based on BTC price fluctuation and other crypto currencies that have potential to be mined. We also currently own a small facility where we mine BTC and alt-coins.

How can i contact you in case of issues or questions?

You contact us at anytime using our support form and opening a new ticket or using our online chat when it is available.

Investment Plans

What are the investment plans you offer?

We have 4 type of plans, each with their own benefits based on the amount you are willing to invest. Our plans offer between 2 ~ 3% daily for 60 days and a total of 120 ~ 180% return. Each plan will GUARANTEE you instant bonus of 10 ~ 20% in your account on investment that you can cashout instantly or reinvest in the website.

How can i get more income?

You can earn more by referring other members using your referral link and building your own downline team that will generate money passively for you.

Will i get my income during weekends?

Yes you will, we process deposits & withdrawals instantly 24 hours 7 days a week.

Can i reinvest the earnings?

Yes you can reinvest as much as you want from your earnings, the more you reinvest the more your daily income will increase.

Investment & Withdrawals

What is the minimum and maximum i can invest?

You can start investing with any amount from 0.01 ~ 50 BTC, you will start earning commissions on every day at 00:00.

What is the minimum and maximum i can withdraw?

Minimum you can withdraw is 0.002 BTC and maximum you can withdraw at one time will be 20 BTC.

How fast i will receive the withdrawal?

You will receive your withdrawal instantly in the account requested, however in some cases for the safety of your funds in will go in manual mode to be paid in 24 hours.

Affiliate Program

How many affiliate downline your affiliate program can offer?

The standard affiliate program we offer for all our customers contains 3 downline: 5%-5-1%, but you can make it much bigger by 2 options. First - apply for the local representative, meet all the requirements and become an official NanoBlock partner.

Where can I find my affiliate link in order to invite participants in my team and get a bonus?

In your account under Banners or Referrals section you can find your Referral Link.

Can I promote my affiliate link, using the spam methods?

No! For the use of spam mailing your account may be suspended. Use only legal and trusted promoting methods which are really effective.Such as sharing an idea about our services with your friends and colleagues. It works much better than any other gray actions mentioned before.

Can I register more than one account at one another?

You can as long as the person is different and if it is not your referral.


How is my account protected from hacking?

We have provided significant protection for your personal data, and we strongly recommend you to keep the login data in a safe place. We do provide ip checking & pin code verification as ways to protect your account.

What happens if I lose access to my account details?

If you remember your e-mail you can request a new password by going to the recover page.